Leveraging dozens of years of experience in business planning, consulting activities and project developments in the international markets, a group of top managers with an extensive network had the idea to join with a shared mission aimed at leading companies into new markets. The founders were coming from diversified industries and consulting backgrounds, working for corporations in fields of management, marketing, organization, and corporate finance.

GruppoBPC is composed of two units, GruppoBPC Consulting, which focuses on revising and improving business models, organization processes, marketing positioning and financial assets optimization, and GruppoBPC International, which specializes in business development throughout international markets.

Over the years, the success of corporate clients in the international markets allowed GruppoBPC International to increase its global exposure with the opening of direct offices in Russia (with support extended to all CIS countries), United States of America, and South East Asia.

Today GruppoBPC International LTD is a multinational organization able to provide top ranking corporate services focused on developing companies internationally and establishing their long-term business growth in foreign markets.


Win. Inside and outside the company. Simply everywhere.

GruppoBPC helps companies to expand their views and to do it while moving internationally. By doing so, a company can use the international opportunities as an additional competitive edge. However, to support such a strategic plan, we drive our clients to take care of their current daily operations, enhancing their ongoing management and marketing potential. We work on balancing the resources between efficiency and innovation.

Win through innovation.

GruppoBPC continuously studies the theme of the entrepreneurial excellence: how companies must not only win, but also overcome competitors. By these studies, the Group experts isolate all single levers the corporations might use to reach the excellence in their market action. Thanks to expertise in Business Strategy, Corporate Communication and International Marketing, GruppoBPC is able to drive the clients’ business to a long-term solid growth.

Not only win. Win good.

Be the best you can be. With suppliers, customers, partners, employees. And even with competitors. We would love if our clients align their management philosophy with this sincere behavior, belonging to our Credo.


To constantly excel in our products and services, outstanding in professionalism, innovation, creativity.

To pursue ambitious goals of entrepreneurial, professional and societal growth.

To develop strong commitment and cohesion into the organization, with a shared contribution of know-how and professional skills, leveraged with enthusiasm and passion by all members of our group.

To set up genuine and durable relationships with our clients, suppliers and partners who share our values centered on business integrity.

To build and to feed a strong social identity of our organization, to shine in its commitment to environment and to community issues.

The aforementioned principles encompass the "credo" of GruppoBPC. A group of people more than a singular company; a group conscious of its long-term goals that cannot be simply expressed by stand-alone economic performances.