Before taking any step in their internationalization project, entrepreneurs need to carefully assess the foreign markets in order to select the most promising ones, weighing their business potential and market barriers. Market analysis, benchmark comprehension, customs taxes, certifications, are some of the key factors to consider before deciding the direction of the enterprise expansion.
Upon the Client needs, GruppoBPC International team can collect all necessary info on the foreign market to help the Client to assess his internationalization plan, through the following services:

  • CUSTOMS & CERTIFICATION ANALYSIS: This package is focused on delivering to the Client the analysis of the product compliance to be freely distributed in the targeted foreign market, investigating the documents and product adjustments needed to comply with the local norms and authorizations. GruppoBPC International team delivers a final report with all the information and the recommendations for the necessary actions, highlighting possible barriers to entry challenging the expansion plan.
  • MARKET ANALYSIS: By this service, GruppoBPC International team carries out an outlook of the current situation of the foreign market, analyzing existing competitors, customers, and overall consumption trends. The analysis is focused on delivering a picture of the market context, providing the Client a useful framework to be employed in drafting the internationalization strategy: the study, as a matter of fact, is a source of data highlighting, at the same time, market constraints and business opportunities.
  • ORIENTATION ALL INCLUSIVE: The complete package, combining in one document both previous analysis, the ideal service for companies approaching a foreign market for the first time. On top of customs, certification and market analysis, the study is extended to the suggestions on the market entry or development strategy, thanks to the collected insights useful to illustrate what (and if) are the most suitable actions able to enhance the Client competitiveness in the International market.