If our Client owns assets in the foreign market, and by work or physical distance is unable to manage and constantly audit his properties, GruppoBPC International team can assist in their management and custody. This assistance "in the field" is not provided directly but through a mandate to overview or organize all necessary activities needed to reach these goals, and upon the scope of the charge, it is released through the following services:

  • ASSET CUSTODY SUPPORT: By this package, GruppoBPC International team periodically monitor the status of the Client asset, in order to protect its value and properties, and the content of this mandate varies according to the nature of the good and the scope of the intervention. Along to the direct overview of the asset, in the full interest of the Client, the team takes care as well of the assessment of the quality of the service of custody delivered by the local managers, employees or professionals.
  • ASSET VALUE MANAGEMENT: This service is delivered when the mandate is not limited to the maintenance of the good, but to its performance, so when the good is employed to generate revenues, either to cover the direct costs to preserve its value, or to generate a more substantial return on the employed capital. GruppoBPC International acts as Client trustee, monitoring the employment of the asset and the ongoing results, in other terms, assessing the quality of the investment activity.