In the full process of search and assessment of potential investors interested in the acquisition of our Client asset, GruppoBPC International can assist the seller side through these three services:

  • BUYER SEARCH: Through this package, GruppoBPC International is actively involved in the promotion of the Client asset, searching, assessing and selecting in the targeted foreign market potential buyers interested in acquiring the tangible or intangible good on sale. The mandate includes a market and benchmark analysis helping in the set up of competitive sales terms, and it is focused on the selection of possible qualified investors, after a preliminary introduction of the asset and the submission of the proposal highlights. The Client then takes over the process and handle any necessary follow-up up to the closing of the deal.
  • NEGOTIATION SUPPORT: Here GruppoBPC provides full assistance in dealing with the potential buyer, acting as moderator on behalf of the Client interests, being fully involved in the business communication and in enhancing the asset features, with the purpose to maximize the negotiation value. The process takes into account as well the contract terms of the deal and the necessary supporting activities to satisfy the joint expectations of the parties.
  • ASSET SALE ALL INCLUSIVE: The package encompasses the full execution of both activities described before, the buyer search and the following negotiation support. Here the Client is assisted from the beginning until the complete closing of the deal, taking care to manage a balanced relationship between the parties. The value added goal is, as a matter of fact, to maximize the value of the deal for our Client respecting the buyer needs and position, in order to create a win-win deal for all the negotiating actors.