Our Client is looking for a specific asset to leverage for his own business and he wants to start or to extend his search in the International markets, a process GruppoBPC International is able to support through these three services:

  • SELLER SEARCH: After a due alignment on the Client goals and a training on the characteristics of the aimed asset, GruppoBPC International triggers the search, assessment, and selection of potential sellers owning the desired good and investigating its availability. Therefore, after carrying out a qualified selection of potential sources of the asset, assessed in terms of quality, reliability, competitive commercial terms, GruppoBPC International delivers the list of the sellers to the Client for his own evaluation and follow-ups.
  • NEGOTIATION SUPPORT: The seller(s) have been found, and it matters now to start the negotiation for the deal. GruppoBPC International team takes over the process supporting the Client in the final assessment of the alternatives, in the negotiation of the acquisition terms, and in the post-sale guarantees and customer support policies, up to the closing of the deal.
  • ASSET ACQUISITION ALL INCLUSIVE: Through this complete package, the Client is assisted in both phases covered by the previous services, the search of the sellers, the assessment of the options, the selection of the best alternatives and the launch of the negotiations. The service ends with the closing of the deal and the care of all aspects for the delivery of the good and the agreement of all post-acquisition terms of the transaction.