A company can carry out an effective internationalization process not only widening its sales abroad but also taking into consideration finding reliable international partners able to manage part of the supply chain or service process more effectively and with higher quality (see our insight on the matter with this article). GruppoBPC International can help entrepreneurs in this task through the following services:

  • SUPPLIER SEARCH: Service targeted to the search, assessment, and selection of qualified International partners able to manage the company required activity, such as web design. The analysis is comprehensive of all necessary aspects to investigate the partner match in terms of quality, reliability, and integration with the Client management¬†systems. The list of the potential partners is eventually delivered to the Client with the comments and the notes of our International team, ready to the final selection of the best candidate fitting all necessary criteria.
  • SUPPLYING AGREEMENT: Through this package, the potential partner is already chosen, but the company needs to define all terms of the cooperation and to highlight all aspects regarding the outsourcing job: output features, work standard, communication flow, logistics process, quality control, etc. GruppoBPC International team supports the full process, assisting the Client in closing a balanced agreement, a basis for a long-term cooperation between the parties.
  • OUTSOURCING ALL INCLUSIVE: The complete package offering both services, the search of the supplier and the management of all negotiation process, providing full assistance to the Client from the beginning market investigation stage to the launch of the cooperation with the outsourcing agreement.