After checking if the Client is ready to his development in the foreign markets, having prepared a full set of organizational and sales tools and made the company value proposition scalable, the growth in the international countries can be pursued through a double advertising campaign strategy, depending on the target and the scope of the licensing agreement. GruppoBPC International has studied three packages, seized to the Client needs:

  • SALES DEVELOPMENT: This is the wider mandate to promote and search any potential franchisee/licensee in the foreign market willing to get the rights for a specific store/area (Single Franchisee/Licensee) or to acquire the rights for a whole market/region (Master Franchisee/Licensee).
  • PARTNER SEARCH: Similar to Sales Development package, this service is focused only on finding area investors, therefore major partners willing to acquire the rights for a whole market/region (Master Franchisee/Licensee). The campaign is addressed to this specific target, following a targeted marketing and communication strategy.
  • FRANCHISING/LICENSING ALL INCLUSIVE: This service combines the two previous packages in one. In other words, it gathers the general marketing campaign to find Single o Master Partners of the SALES DEVELOPMENT package, with the more focused and specific action required to maximize the opportunities to attract major investors (Master Partners) matching the scope of the PARTNER SEARCH solution.

All mentioned packages go along with a parallel Marketing Campaign, provided by GruppoBPC Consulting team.