GruppoBPC International can support the search, assessment and set up of one International partnership with a modular approach. As a matter of fact, the mandate can be focused in investigating the market and finding a list of potential leads matching the Client criteria, or following all phases of the process up to the closing of the Joint-Venture agreement, as per the following packages:

  • PARTNER SEARCH: through this service, GruppoBPC team prepares the action setting up with the Client the project goals, the profile of the partner, the preliminary terms of the aimed cooperation, in order to carry out a market analysis targeted to define the right players matching the search criteria. While all this is well shared and transparent, our International team start to approach the potential partners introducing the business opportunity of the cooperation with the Client, collecting feedbacks and assessing the partner openness to discuss further. The matching candidates giving a first positive answer are then listed and fully reported to the Client, letting him manage the follow-up duly.
  • PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT: Through this package, the Client is fully assisted in the business negotiations addressed to define all partnership terms and policies, setting up the goals, roles, and organization tasks to make the agreement effective and valuable. This stage is very delicate, representing the foundation of the coming business relationship, and GruppoBPC team can facilitate the communication, filling the cultural gaps, enhancing the value of a balanced venture, and supporting the launch of a profitable cooperation between the parties.
  • JOINT VENTURE ALL INCLUSIVE: This is the master service, combining the two previous packages in one, and so by this charge, GruppoBPC International team not only carries out a searching and assessment of potential partners┬ábut assists the Client in closing the agreement and in defining all start-up steps of the cooperation within the new venture.