The partnership agreement has been signed, the cooperation plan defined, the contributions and the tasks of each party properly allocated. Now it is just matter of implementation. It is clear the process is not easy: two companies, two cultures, two management styles, have to match to make the new venture running successfully. GruppoBPC International team can facilitate the kickoff of all operations, supporting as temporary managers or business advisors the execution phase, on one specific area of management or on the overall general corporate activities. Here the packages:

  • SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT: The service is intended to provide assistance in the setup of all necessary operations, in terms of workflow, manufacturing processes, logistics infrastructure, distribution plan, etc. All around the setup the management policies of operating activities and the interaction flows with the mother companies of the partners participating in the venture.
  • KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT TRANSITION: Each partner brings to the venture know-how and experience, and all the knowledge useful for the project scope should be transmitted to the new enterprise in order to execute the shared entrepreneurial plan. Here, there are two sets of employed tools: educational programs and data_management systems. GruppoBPC International can support the Client in defining the material, organizing the training sessions and in setting up the knowledge management system of the newco.
  • PARTNER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT: This service is addressed to assist the Client in managing the relationship and the communication with the partner, after the closing of the agreement. GruppoBPC International team keeps managing the relationship representing the Client interest and overview all coordination activities necessary to set up the new venture and run its first operations.
  • NETWORK MARKETING SUPPORT: Among all activities engaged by the parties in order to start up the new shared business, a large part is usually taken by promoting the new venture in the market. The International team of GruppoBPC can assist the managers in drafting and executing the marketing plan bringing visibility the value proposition of the cooperation project.
  • PARTNERSHIP EXECUTION ALL INCLUSIVE: By this package, GruppoBPC International offers the all set of the previous services, providing a general management assistance to the Client and the new venture in setting up all operations, coordinating the training programs, facilitating the communication among the partners/investors, and launching the marketing campaign in the local market.​