The export services, addressed to Companies whose business in the international market hasn't been still developed, are grouped into four packages:

  • SALES MISSION: Organization of a complete sales mission with the first phase focused on introducing the Client value proposition to selected local counterparts, a second part addressed to set up the mission agenda and operations assistance, and the final part assisting the Client during the meetings and negotiations.

  • LEAD MANAGEMENT: Management of all contacts and leads acquired by the Client after a tradeshow or event in the targeted market, with our local business development managers taking over, on site, all sales activities with the potential clients marketing the Client proposal, negotiating business opportunities and closing the deals.

  • EXPORT START: Launching the sales campaign in the foreign market, through the preparation of the sales material, the search and selection of potential leads, the promotion of the Client proposition and the negotiation of possible deals. The main scope of the project is to carry out a market test and to collect locally feedback from potential clients in order to confirm or adjust then market entry strategy and to assess the export potential of the Client proposal.

  • EXPORT ALL INCLUSIVE: Turn-key solution for the expansion of the Client in the international market, though the action of our local teams hired as "export business development managers" onsite. The package foresees training of the local team on the Company proposal and background, the preparation of the marketing material, the search and selection of qualified leads and the negotiations and closing of sales deals. The solution is similar to the Export Start package, but with extended time enabling to cover a full sales campaign cycle in the market.


If the Client has already an established customer and network base on the market, and the need is either to consolidate and manage the existing turnover or to further expand the business locally, GruppoBPC International offers two services, namely:

  • EXPORT MANAGEMENT: GruppoBPC International is charged to take care of the current business in the country of the Client, managing all business relationships with local customers and partners, monitoring the distribution and the actions carried out by competitors. The service is focused on managing actively the business presence of the Client, protecting his market position and leveraging possible growth opportunities coming from the established business network.
  • EXPORT DEVELOPMENT: By this service, our International team not only manages the current customer base and the ongoing business, but he acts as business development managers constantly seeking new channels, leads, and business opportunities, with the goals to increase the Client brand exposure. product visibility, market share, and eventually the company turnover.

The following schema summarizes the set and sequence of activities our International teams carry out to secure the market entry and sales development of our Client in the foreign market.